A New Generation of Electro-Hydraulic Compression Tools: ASK Power Blue Expert2, BE2

Faster Compression and Longer Battery Life

The new range of electro-hydraulic compression tools Blue Expert 2 integrates all the required features necessary to ensure a perfect compression crimp.
This tool is efficient, user-friendly and safe to use.


Output force: 55 kN
Stroke: 1/2" (13 mm)
Autonomy: 180 to 450 crimping operations with battery 4.0 Ah
Cycle time: 2 to 5s depending on the section.
Dimensions: 13.78 x 12.41 x 2.84 in (350 x 315 x 72 mm)
Weight: 9.48 lbs (including the battery) 

Type of tubular lugs and butt connectors AWG/MCM Sections mm2
Copper lugs & butt connectors CT series 12 - 300 MCM 4 - 150
Copper lugs & butt connectors DE/CU series 10 - 300 MCM 6 - 150
Copper lugs & butt connectors DIN 46235/46267 8 - 0000 (4/0) 10 - 120
"C" tap-off connectors '10 - 2 6 - 35
Aluminum-copper lugs
(hexagonal compression type)
2 - 0000 (4/0) 35 - 120
Brazed terminals MB/BY series 10 - 0000 (4/0) 6 - 120

Kit Composition - ESDW55K1BLCM

Crimping tool .................................. PN : ESDW55
2 batteries 18 V / 4 Ah .................... PN : BL1840
Charger 110 V................................. PN : CLM1890HC
Metallic carry case........................... PN : CMESDW55
(space for 12 sets D5 + 7 sets D5MR)




180° swiveling head.

The head is easy to open and the dies simple to change.


comfort.pngComfortable and accurate handling thanks to the shape and the materials used in the handle.



Optimum ergonomics thanks to the balance of the tool. Can be used by right or left-handed people.


usb.pngThe USB interface enables the tool usage data to be downloaded thanks to the software CT Diag.

software.pngWith this software, it is possible to configure the tool, record the crimping data and analyze the cycles already done.


battery-image.pngLithium-ion 18 V battery with increased life expectancy and without any memory effect.



Service indicator lights inform about the battery charge level and working order of the tool.


Metalic Carry Casecase.png

 PN: CMESD50 / CMESDC60 /  CMESC120 / CMESU137

 Ideal for transport and storage.

 Adapted to each model.


Adapters for ESU 137adapters.png


For hexagonal dies, punches and other compression



Li-Ion technology without memory effect

Fast Chargercharger.png

Charger with display that identifies the state of the battery and the conditions of the load.


New Features

Lightest tool in the industry.

Most crimps per battery charge in the industry.

Uses standard Makita Lithium-ion 18 V battery.

Double integrated speed means more cycles per charge.

2-stage hydraulic pump with pilot-operated valve increases battery charge duration by 20% to 40%.

2-stage hydraulic pump with pilot-operated valve increases crimp speed by 20% to 40%.

User defined programming allows;

  • Automatic or manual return stroke;
  • Automatic stop and return at compression cycle completion;
  • Audible return sound signal.

Software allows configuration of tool settings.

Software provides crimping data for performance analysis

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