Aluminum Pin Terminals

ASK’s Aluminum Pin Terminals are made of high conductivity aluminum wire barrels with tin plated, solid or stranded, copper “pin” ends.  They are designed for a wide range of applications to eliminate problems associated with cold flow in connecting aluminum conductor to copper alloy clamps.  Solid or stranded, annealed, tin-pated copper pins are securely attached to an aluminum wire barrel base and sealed to enhance moisture resistance.  Crimp barrels are sized to closely match commercial power cable strand diameters of all constructions.  Pin lengths are customizable by adding a “- <length>” at the end of the part number with the standard length being 6”.  The barrel end is filled with oxide inhibitor and capped with color coded end caps.  Aluminum Pin Terminals are offered in wire size ranges from 6 ga to 1000 MCM in both common and standard die configurations.


These pin terminals are used for crimping aluminum, ACSR and power transmission cables to make reliable connections in copper and copper alloy mechanical equipment clamps in Transformer, Telecom, and Utility (transmission, distribution, generation, substation, overhead and underground) applications.   

Standard Pin Terminal


Common Die Pin Terminal

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