Electrical and Transformer Power Connectors

Going big shouldn’t be a big deal

ASK has provided a full range of dependable and custom power connectors to the electrical and transformer industries for more than 25 years. 

That means while others have reduced or eliminated their line of large power connectors, we continue to provide custom-size, transformer-specific large power connectors, including the widest range of gauges to 2000 MCM you’ll find today. 

And we make it easy for you, no matter the size and scope of your company or project. We carry every part you’ll need – download our 2,500-part catalog, and if you’re not sure what part you need, visit our product configurator today. Made in America, dependable, UL certified, and competitively priced, our electrical and transformer power connectors are made to perform.

Have a unique need or special service? We’ll help you with that, too. We’ll engineer and manufacture the custom parts you require, thanks to our in-house prototyping and tooling services. We can design and implement a stocking program to ensure you always have what you need, and we’ll be there for you when an emergency need arises, too.

While ASK Power continues to offer the traditional, square tang products you are familiar with, we are excited to announce...

*** NEW Transformer Specific Product Line ***

ASK Power has created three new product lines for Power Transformer needs, Distribution Transformer needs and Transformer Bushing Connectors. These dedicated lines increase your options and offer exactly what you need - Terminals, Tools and Testing. Download our Transformer Catalog (form on the right) or see our new line of Compression Tools


Cable sized for Flex or Stranded

Rounded Tangs for Movement

Tinning for External Corrosion Protection


Cable Sizes for FLEXIBLE Cable

Corona-Free Surfaces

Burr-Free/Bright Corrosion Protection

With ASK Power you can customize your solutions for YOUR application needs.

ANSI and UL Testing

Lugs, Single and Double Hole

Splices, Butt, Parallel

Tees, Inspection Ports

Tech Library

Seamless Substitution


Unthreaded and Threaded Studs

Visit ASK Power's Production Process.

Download our new Transformer Catalog (form on the right) or see our new line of Compression Tools.


You can pick and choose from competitors

OR Get it ALL from ASK Power!

Purchasing Options ASKPower Competitors
Full Range Flex and Power Cable Lugs Yes No
Full Range Flex and Power Cable Splices Yes No
Wire barrels fitted to cable size and crimp dies Yes No
Made in America Yes No
Every NEMA stud pattern Yes No
UL Listing, ANSI C119 - Tested all sizes, bends and holes Yes No
Emergency Stock Yes No
Engineering Specials and Support Yes No
Courteous, Easy and Friendly Service Yes No


Your Best Option for Power Connectors, Power Your Connection with ASK!

Download our new Transformer Catalog



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