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While Other Vendors Increasingly LIMIT your OPTIONS for Prototypes, Specials, and Design Support…

ASK POWER utilizes the DIGITAL THREAD to ensure you get the fastest, most economic, high performing options! Learn how ASK can help you get a complete custom line to production in as little as 90 days





With more than 50 years of tool design and development experience, we are the nimble and efficient option for companies facing new and evolving challenges. Consider this: We can design, develop, tool, and begin production of an entire product line or gauge range, provide prototypes in as little as 48 hours, or tool and produce whole product lines in as little in as little as 90 days.

We have the flexibility to meet large, full product line tooling requirements, and we’ll work closely with your engineering and applications teams to provide ISO 9000-2000 Design Control compliant solutions.

Over the decades, we’ve developed a highly effective master die concept that allows us to economically produce multiple products from common gauge and stud hole master dies, keeping your costs in line and ensuring our ability to meet all your demands.

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