And the Winner is… the City of Chicago

Posted by Steve Kase

March 23 2017

mHub, Chicago’s innovation center for physical development and manufacturing, is now open for business. As a sponsor of mHub, ASK Power represents the model for how small and medium sized manufactures in the Chicago area will gain access and expertise to equipment, facilities and workers not readily available before. mHub’s state of the art building provides 63,000 square feet with 10 fabrication centers and over $2,000,000 in product design, rapid proto-typing and 3D printers, metal shops and other low-volume micro-factory machinery.


Steve Kase, Managing Director of ASK Power and mHUB Board of Director, was with Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month. “mHUB merges state-of-the-art innovation with our city’s industrial heritage to build a brighter future for all of Chicago,” Mayor Emanuel said. “I look forward to seeing mHUB’s bold vision further strengthen Chicago’s vibrant entrepreneurial community and manufacturing ecosystem.”

The vision behind mHub is to provide the facility as well as workforce training through special events, workshops, classes, seminars and 1:1 expert consulting. As the mHub website,, illustrates, “Our vetted mentors bring years of experience in Manufacturing, business, mechanical and electrical engineering, design and legal services to turn new product idea into scalable businesses. 

Being together in one space may seem simple; but, it’s the unpredictable magic that occurs when a need and capability share a home,” explains Mr. Kase. “A funny thing about innovation, the experience is one of great hope and at the same time awareness of the challenge. mHub IS that innovation experience. A belief that a community of innovators can deliver exponential entrepreneurial, product and process development, and employment results.”

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