And the Winner is… the City of Chicago

mHub, Chicago’s innovation center for physical development and manufacturing, is now open for business. As a sponsor of mHub, ASK Power represents the model for how small and medium sized...Read more

ASK Power and IMEC Team Together to Increase Performance and Create Jobs

CASE STUDY COMPANY ASK Power – Aurora, Illinois 60 employees Global manufacturer of electrical components for the utility and industrial marketplace SITUATION After several years...Read more

Investing in the front line manufacturing employee builds customer benefit and employee skills that are sustainable.

World trade and political discussion emphasize how automation threatens the traditional manufacturing employee. How to support the evolution of these employees in the face of global competitive...Read more

Telecommunications News

What is the difference between Telecom "Mobility", "Central Office", and “Outside Plant (OSP)" applications?

Power Lug and Splice Connections are used in many phases of telecommunications. Telecommunications transmission and switching generally require power to be supplied to move and switch...Read more

What is meant by "telecom connector"?

Electrical connectors, are utilized in many different applications, where generally current is conveyed from a source to a use of power or grounding. Telecommunications involves many...Read more

Military News

Mil.Spec. Terminal and Splice Standards: MIL-T-7928G, MS20659

  Truck, off-road, and heavy-duty terminal lug and splice applications designs originated around the time of WWII.  In military environments, army rolling stock and naval on-board...Read more

Electrical & Transformer News

What is meant by Electrical Compression Connector?

Electrical connectors are classified by conductor configuration, size, and attachment method. Compression Connectors are connectors which are "attached" to conductors with the use of compression...Read more

Utilities & Sustainable News

What types of Utility Splice Connectors exist?

A Splice Connector is an electric connector which allows for two cables or wire leads to connect within the body of the splice. These splices are crimped or soldered such that the power...Read more

Truck and Off-Road News

Battery Terminal Standards for Truck, Off-Road, & Heavy Duty Automotive

Battery terminals have been produced in one form or another since the earliest automobiles manufactured.  Generally, truck, off-road, and heavy-duty terminal lug applications designs originated...Read more

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