Copper Ground Straps

ASK is a Leader in Heavy Duty, High Amperage Voltage Termination. ASK sources multiple conductor cable options, from braided ground wire to insulated battery, welding, and flexible telecom cable. ASK stocks numerous standard assemblies.  ASK can also provide special applications, bringing together its multiple termination products and the world of cable sourcing options. For grounding straps and power cables…Just ASK!



Grounding Straps

Copper Ground Straps



What is a "Waterseal" electrical terminal; how is it used?

          A "waterseal" terminal is a form of mil-spec terminal lug used primarily by the Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) for Vehicular battery and grounding...Read more

What are electrical terminals, lugs, splices?

Electrical Terminals are a class of electrical connector which are used to transfer electrical current from a power or grounding source to a use. Terminals "terminate" by crimping or soldering to...Read more

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